Nigeria internet Group (NIG), founded in 1995, is a not-for profit, non-governmental organization, promoting the internet in Nigeria. To achieve its mandate, the Group engages in a number of activities which include; policy advocacy, awareness creation and education. Awareness creation and education tasks of the Group are carried out through conferences, seminars, exhibitions, workshop and newsletter publication while policy formulation processes.


  • A tremendous increase in awareness about the internet within Nigeria which further led to an increased level of internet connectivity in the Country.
  • Raised the necessary awareness on the need to domesticate the administration of the Nigeria Top Level Domain name (.ng), which led to the transfer of the transfer of the .ng TLD administration to Nigeria.
  • The advocacy activities of the group led to the licensing of the first set of internet service. Provider by the then military Government which was not favorably disposed to the adoption of the internet in Nigeria.
  • The group has made positive and impactful contributions to virtually all Government policies and legislations that are related to the internet and the ICT sector in general. Such policies and legislations include: the national IT policies, the NITDA Act, EFCC amended Act, the cyber-security bill, the National policy on Telecoms and the Telecoms Act.