Today the ICT Stakeholders in Nigeria and Africa stand before the representatives of a family of Engr. Ndukwe Kalu, Brothers, Sisters, friends and colleagues in grief of sudden exit of our colleague. What a shocking exit. We have therefore come as one united family in our desire to pay our last respect to our wonderful, enigmatic and bright colleague, the young gentleman, Engr. Ndukwe Kalu, the Pioneer President of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA).
It is indeed a shocking news to us in the ICT industry and most of us still believe it is one of those blatant rumor, but alas it is true as can be confirmed by this gathering today to pay last respect to Engr. Ndukwe Kalu. We have indeed lost one of the finest brains in the ICT industry both in Nigeria and Africa.

Late Engr. Ndukwe Kalu has at various times and capacity represented the ICT industry at the international meetings and forums. The Pioneer President of NIRA, recently successfully achieved full re-delegation of the .ng TLD local administration. After successfully achieving this, his aim is ensure a massive registration of the .ng and this he has made a tremendous progress recording from 1,000 registration over the years to a 3,000 mark by last May 2009, a marvelous achievement within a very short period of time before he departed. Bravo our dear colleague, that was a land mark achievement. Your colleagues in the ICT industry are indeed very proud of you.
Engr. Ndukwe Kalu, a member of several professional bodies which include the Nigeria Internet Group and he always made valuable contributions during our meetings that immensely led to the growth of the Group, and now he is no more. What a great loss.

Engr. Ndukwe Kalu has served his dear mother land at various levels and this include his chairmanship of the NCC / Presidential Committee set up to actualize a sustainability Internet Exchange Point for Nigeria, among others.
The ICT industry in Nigeria and indeed Africa will greatly miss Engr. Ndukwe Kalu’s finest brain and a hard-worker in the industry.
We have all indeed despaired at our great loss over the past Weeks, but only the strength of the good foundation you left behind will afford us the strength and courage to move forward and continue from where you stopped as the remains of this great icon is being lowered to the earth below.

We therefore pray that the Almighty God will fortify the loving wife, children, brothers and sisters and relations you left behind with His comfort to bear this sudden, shocking and irreparable loss. We have all chewed up with sadness at this great loss.
Pleasant in the sight of the Lord is the coming home of the righteous so says the Word of God. We are therefore in doubt that Engr. Ndukwe Kalu has indeed gone to be with the Lord because he has finished his assignment here on earth as the call from Heaven came “COME HOME AND REST IN MY PEACE”

Above all, we give thanks to God Almighty for the good life our colleague and friend lived while on earth. We are indeed very proud of you, Engr. Ndukwe Kalu. We will also implore the entire family, friends and relations to take heart.
May the Almighty God grant his soul eternal rest. Amen.


Bye bye our wonderful Engr. Ndukwe Kalu.
Thank you.